Breakout Series 3
13:25 - 14:10
Location: Ground Floor, Lovelace

3.3 Incentivizing and Motivating Generations XYZ


How can you design an incentives strategy that meets the diverse demands of your employees and remain relevant for the needs of Generation X through to Generation Z?

In this session our panel will consider the factors which can be used in incentive plan strategy, to ensure the arrangements remain attractive across the demographic of the workforce.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to deliver an appropriate level of reward, enhance engagement and productivity and provide effective motivation to drive appropriate behaviors.
  • How companies can approach the demands and expectations of different generations in the work force.
  • The extent to which plan design should take account of the current economic context.
  • How changing working patterns can challenge the traditional approach to incentives.



Chris Fallon, Tapestry Compliance (UK)
Tom Parker, Tapestry Compliance (UK)
Gary Luck, WillisTowersWatson (UK)


CPE Credit
Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources
Level: 0