Breakout Series 5
15:35 - 16:20
Location: Ground Floor, Watson Watt

5.2 Shaping Employee Benefits to Support Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellness is a state in which you can manage your bills and expenses, pay your debts, weather unexpected financial emergencies and plan for long-term financial goals. However, it is not just about money; it is a critical piece of your overall mental health.  

In this fast-paced and insightful session, our panel will look at how employee benefits can be adapted for the current economic climate to better support the financial resilience, education and wellbeing of your employees.

Attendees to this session will:

  • Emerging trends that link financial wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Why effective employee communications are vital in ensuring reward and benefits programs land well.
  • How communications can be used to support employee wellbeing.
  • How financial education can help employees to make positive long-term financial decisions.
  • How smart storytelling and innovative communication approaches can be used make financial wellbeing something that all employees care about.
  • How approaches can be adapted for different audiences.

Lauren Kushner, Stitch - a Deloitte business (UK)
Charlotte Cooper, Stitch - a Deloitte business (UK)
Will Aitkin, Deloitte LLP (UK)




CPE Credit
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Level: 0