Breakout Series 4
14:40 - 15:25
Location: Ground Floor, Marconi

4.1 Global Share Plan Success: How to Avoid Compliance and Regulatory Pitfalls


Global companies have many reasons to launch a worldwide share plan — employee recruitment and retention, performance incentives, and substantial tax benefits to name a few. Offering a competitive incentive package on a global scale, however, is no easy feat and without the right expert guidance can prove very tricky.

The panel will take a pragmatic approach to the seemingly mammoth task of implementing and managing a global share plan. Using real life examples, we will hear from companies on what they did right, and, more importantly, where lessons can be learned from what they got wrong.

Attendees will:

  • Be introduced to the array of hurdles on the journey to launching a successful plan on a global or multi-jurisdictional scale.
  •  Explore the practical difficulties of operating across multiple locations, payroll systems, time zones, and language barriers.
  •  Examine the role that Compliance experts play in ensuring that you don’t fall foul of the regulators.
  • Learn from the mistakes that others have made and how to navigate the complex tax, legal and regulatory issues specific to each location.


Laura Crichton, EY (UK)
Nick Lawry, Kindred Group (UK)
Barry McKernan, Global Shares (UK)
Dan Nelson, The Sage Group plc (UK)




CPE Credit
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Level: 0