Breakout Series 3
13:25 - 14:10
Location: Ground Floor, Flowers

3.1 Effective Rewards, Compliant Financials: Key IFRS Considerations for Award Design

With an ever-increasing focus on reporting and pressure on financial costs, companies’ compensation experts are being pushed to consider cost-effectiveness when designing and issuing share-based plans.
ShareForce will highlight the financial implication of choosing the “right” award and explain how the accounting standards (under IFRS) can help Rewards teams drive this decision by utilizing technology to understand their costs, overall effect on the company’s compensation budget, as well as employees’ award payouts.
Topics covered include estimating the accurate number of awards to distribute to participants, understanding the elements that influence the cost of the incentive, determining the value of employees’ shares, and others – providing an expansive session for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.
Michael Ketz, ShareForce (ZA)
Christo Kritzinger, ShareForce (ZA)



CPE Credit
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Level: 0