Breakout Series 2
12:30 - 13:15
Location: Ground Floor, Haslett

2.5 How Post-IPO Share Plans Take Flight



The last few years have seen many companies look at their corporate structure and make changes to reflect an evolving market. Is it right to list? An IPO can elevate your company, but the process is (often!) fast paced and changes the company landscape overnight. How does it impact your employees? Do they get on board, or walk away?

Our panel will talk with Dr. Martens, a well-established company which started their all-employee journey post-IPO, and Vertical Aerospace, a younger company which took flight and listed in a very short space of time. With a lot of change afoot – both by introducing new schemes and changing the company landscape, you will see how equity can play a role in smoothing the transition and taking a company to new heights.

Attendees will learn:

  • How companies use equity to engage with employees to reward and bring them along for the ride during the IPO process.
  • How plan offerings can be used during the transaction stages and to effectively engage a transitioning workforce.
  • What global compliance challenges companies may face during the roll out of a post-IPO plan.
  • How to retain, win and reward key talent using equity compensation.



Sally Blanchflower, Tapestry Compliance (UK)
Ian Sanders, Vertical Aerospace (UK)
Sarah Steadman, Dr. Martens (UK)
Emilie Sylvester, Tapestry Compliance (UK)

CPE Credit
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Level: I