Executive Compensation Matters

A one-day event held in Edinburgh the day prior to GEO’s 24th Annual Conference focused on executive level incentives for senior-level attendees.

ESG and Executive Compensation - Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Corporate responsibility has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, as companies promote their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts to the public and shareholders alike.

How do you ensure that your senior team members are working towards achieving your company’s ESG goals?

This session reflects on the evolution of ESG, focusing on how tying ESG goals to equity compensation can yield positive results.

  • Discuss how to incentivise ESG-linked goals, including incorporating them into performance awards
  • Consider how your plan design can satisfy short- or long-term ESG goals
  • Hear best practices from Walmart (US) and Natwest(UK)

Charles Russo, Computershare (US)
AmyLynn Flood, Vialto Partners (US)
Margie Molesso, Walmart (US)
David Edwards, Natwest (UK)

Topic: Trending Now

CPE Credit
Field of Study: Business Intelligence
Level: I