About GEO’s NorCal Forum

GEO's NorCal Forum is one of the industry's best, and most anticipated regional events, serving attendees in the Northern California Region. It addresses the most pressing issues in global equity and executive compensation today and is an exclusive learning and networking opportunity for strategic-minded attendees who are knowledgeable about global employee share plans, executive compensation and related areas and are interested in topics that address current issues vital to the global application of share plans in all its core disciplines.

Attendees expect high-level program content that provides timely and relevant updates, including changes to existing laws and legal precedents, explanations of new laws and regulations, as well as tips and practical tools that can be implemented immediately. GEO's NorCal Forum aims to provide both new and innovative solutions for strategic and operational challenges and ideas on how to lead organizations forward.

Join us for another 1/2 day NorCal Forum filled with educational panels, networking breaks, break out discussions, beer and wine, and lots of raffles/giveaways! Online registration is open and required for this event.

1 CPE credit available per each breakout series sessions noted (if all NASBA requirements are met).



Early Registration (through August 19)

Member - $50
Non-Member - $90

Advanced Registration (August 20-31)

Member - $75
Non-Member - $125

On or after September 1

Member - $95
Non-Member - $150


Early Registration (through August 19)

Member - $90
Non-Member - $175

Advanced Registration (August 20-31)

Member - $125
Non-Member - $200

On or after September 1

Member - $175
Non-Member - $275


13 September 2022

11:00 - 12:00

Registration and Lunch

12:00 - 1:00

Welcome and Opening General Session

Title: Cut the Confusion: Demystifying your Stock Plans in a Complex Global Market
Speakers: Dustin Lewis, Deloitte
Chris Dohrmann, Global Shares
Matt Connor, Lucid Motors
Description: With inflation sitting at a four-decade high and share prices falling, communicating to your employees about their stock plans is proving more difficult than ever. With market volatility making an already compounded subject even more complex, you might be struggling to find ways to simplify the topic and keep your team engaged.

In this session, we’ll look at how you can demystify your global stock plans from start to finish. From choosing a suitable plan design and picking the right performance metrics, to incorporating the latest methods of communication into your enrollment strategy, our panel will look at ways you can make your global stock plans more accessible and engaging.

1:00 - 1:10


1:10 - 2:00

Breakout Series 1

Breakout 1a
Title: Sometimes the Tail Does Wag the Dog - Introducing Stock Ownership for the Gig Economy
Speakers: Jon Burg, Infinite Equity
Garrett Smallwood, Wag Labs, Inc.
Description: As gas prices and inflation are taking a bite out of gig workers budgets, an increasing number of Americans are looking for gig work, many of whom are doing so to make up their budget shortfalls. About 85% of independent workers have recently increased their gig work in the past six months, or plan to, going forward and approximately 45% said they have done so because of inflation.

In this session, we reveal how companies can grant stock to people who have been a big part of their business’ success - hourly employees, independent contractors, customers, and the communities they serve, and help bring equity to gig workers (and potentially lead to hundreds of thousands of new employee-owners and create at least $20 billion of wealth for working families!).

Breakout 1b
Title: Key New Considerations for ESPP
Speakers: Emily Cervino, Fidelity
Ryan Ross, Aon
Description: The humble ESPP is a hidden gem in a crowded benefits landscape; Join Fidelity’s Emily Cervino, self-proclaimed ESPP fanatic, along with AON’s Ryan Ross as they share key new considerations for getting the most out of ESPPs, including changing prevalence, rediscovering NQ ESPP, using ESPP as a savings lever, the next generation of ESPP participants, gender and ESPP, getting social with ESPP, and more.

2:00 - 2:30


2:30 - 3:20

Breakout Series 2

Breakout 2a
Title: What States are Saying About Remote Employees
Speakers: Marlene Zaboyan, Rutlen Associates LLC
Lydie Dutton, Fastly Inc.
Lanson Wan, Momentive Global Inc. (fka SVMK)
Description: The pandemic sharply accelerated the trend of remote work. For some employees, this simply means working from home in the same residence that they occupied pre-pandemic. For others, this has meant the ability to choose, within limits, where they work from which led to a huge increase in mobility. Some states such as Hawaii, seeing their tourism industry disappear during the pandemic, established programs to attract remote workers. Other states took measures to reduce their tax revenue from workers moving away.

This panel will review certain key states such as California, New York, Massachusetts and Ohio and the positions they took, and are taking, on remote worker taxation.

Breakout 2b
Title: Did you hear that? It’s your equity program trying to tell you something!
Speakers: Leann Balbona, KPMG
Donna Hammer, Snowflake
Cory Anderson, KPMG
Rachel Ulep, eBay
Description: Have you listened to what your equity program data is telling you lately? While organizations continue to expend significant effort and resources to administer their equity programs, they may not be getting the results they hoped for. By harnessing available data, our experience suggests that equity program effectiveness can be improved to support the organization’s business imperatives and talent agenda.

Please join us for a topical discussion where we will share our experience working with organizations that have successfully leveraged their program data to enhance talent management, operational excellence, employees’ experiences, and more.

3:20 - 3:30


3:30 - 4:30

Closing Session

Title: The New Bay Area Equity Talent Marketplace!
Speakers: Becky Bruno, Bruno Recruiting Group, Inc.
Zack Crumpton, Computershare
Barb Wallace, Grove Collaborative
Christine Zwerling, Snyk Inc.
Description: Whether you have changed jobs, looking for a job, or looking for a new staff – we have you covered! Join renowned Bay Area equity executive recruiter Becky Bruno, and Bay Area equity industry icons, Christine Zwerling, Barbara Wallace and Zachary Crumpton to discuss all these topics and more. Come with your questions as we learn how to navigate the new talent marketplace!

4:30 - 5:00

Wrap up and Raffle

5:00 - 6:00

Happy Hour