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GEO Partner Alliance Council

GEO's Partner Alliance Advisory CouncilGEO is proud to present the Partner Allliance Council. This Council is comprised of a distinguished group of geographically-diverse service provider members who have generously volunteered their time to provide broad vision and feedback to GEO. 

Among other things, this Council will:

  • Serve as a conduit for fresh ideas and a forum for meaningful discussion to improved operations for GEO and ultimately business growth;
  • Serve as an advisory body to GEO regarding service provider needs, marketplace developments and more; and  
  • Provide a forum for GEO to build and strengthen relationships with our service provider partners.
GEO’s Partner Alliance Council is expected to be a key link for GEO to stakeholder needs and priorities for GEO programs, and is an exciting way to become further involved with GEO on matters presented for discussion such as:
  • Overall strategic direction of the organization
  • New and existing member service offerings and fee structure
  • Pricing for sponsorship/exhibition opportunities
  • Guidance and opinions on conference locations
  • Types of best-in-class resources for service provider members
  • Periodic review and report on effectiveness of the Council
Members will be required to maintain an active GEO membership throughout their term on the Council and are expected to attend meetings 3-4 times per calendar year via a combination of in-person meetings (typically scheduled in conjunction with GEO conferences) and via conference calls. Members will receive advance notice of sponsorship opportunities, have the ability to influence the overall direction of the organization, will have a medium for networking with industry peers around the world, be given visibility/recognition in GEO marketing materials and on our website as a Council member, and much more.
Council Governance

The partner alliance council co-chairpersons serve in their capacity as co-chairs at the appointment of the GEO Board. The co-chairs are full members of the GEO Board of Directors and are appointed to one-year terms in June of each year, concurrent with the organization's Board election process. Each co-chair appointment is eligible for reappointment.   

Council Members
Danyle Anderson, Global Equity Organization (US)
Alexy Armitage, KPMG (UK)
John Bagdonas, Global Shares (US)
Leann Balbona, KPMG (US)
Robert Basker, Deloitte (AU)
Seth Bohart, Computershare (CN)
Juan Bonilla, Cuatrecasas Goncalves Pereira S.L.P. (ES)
Kurt Bremer, Morgan Stanley (US)
Brian Burke, TD Ameritrade (US)
Travis Carpico, Fidelity (US)
Jon Cartmell, Sanne Group (UK)
Emily Cervino, Fidelity (US)
Jacky Chu, PwC (CN)
Jane Darlington, Stitch Communications (UK)
Sheila Frierson, Computershare (US)
Kelly Geerts, E*TRADE Corporate Services (US)
Jennifer George, PwC (US)
Ana-Luiza Georgescu, KPMG (CA)
Harshu Ghate, ESOP Direct (IN)
Don Gillotti, Certent (US)
Nicholas Greenacre, White & Case (UK)

Kelly Guterl, EY (US)
Sian Halcrow, Aon (UK)
Bjorn Hinderlich, Mercer (UK)
Martin Hirsch, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (US)
Andrew Holland, KPMG (AU)
James Humza, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (US)
Cyril Klajer, Fidal (FR)
Patricia Landry, Solium (US)
Thomas Licharz, Deutsche Bank (DE)
Jack McArthur, Aon (US)
Chris Mowatt, Barclays (UK)
Karen Needham, Oyster Pond Associates (US)
Mitan Patel, Fidelity (UK)
Matt Reed, Computershare (AU)
Maria Robins, Morgan Stanley (US)
Craig Rubino, E*TRADE Corporate Services (US)
Mitul Shah, Deloitte (UK)
Aimee Soodan, Baker McKenzie (US)
Joe Sorrentino, Steven Hall & Partners (US)
Eric Tassel, Stock Cross (US)
Julie Vanderveen, UBS (US)
Jewon Wee, Independent Stock Plan Advisors (US)

More Information

GEO is actively soliciting members for our Council and we would love to welcome GEO members from around the world to join the Council. If you have questions on the Council or would like further information, please contact the council at partneralliancecouncil@globalequity.org.

GEO Partner Alliance Council Charter 


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