GEO’s partners in the Provider/Advisor community represent a valuable member asset. That said, opportunities to meet with your peers and colleagues, either virtually or in-person, represent another key benefit of joining GEO. To that end, GEO provides its members with a  number of key networking opportunities throughout the year.

Local Chapter Meetings details
With over 15 active local chapters on four continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia), GEO offers the most geographically diverse network of local chapter meetings devoted to employee share plans. No chapter in your area? Help us start one.
Annual Conference details
Each spring, GEO sponsors its annual conference in a leading city in Europe or North America. GEO’s annual conference includes a variety of key learning and networking opportunities and represents the ‘must-go’ opportunity of the year for equity compensation professionals.
Sponsor/Partner Opportunities details
As a non-profit organization, GEO relies on its members for both financial and expert content support.


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