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20 Sept 2022
Excellence In Global Share Plans: Putting the Employee at The Heart of Your Compensation Strategy

Make your plans now to join the next installment in the Excellence in Global Share Plans webcast series, Putting the Employee at The Heart of Your Compensation Strategy.

Glean useful information from our impressive GEO award-winning organizations and hear directly from these employee-centric companies striving to understand their people and adapt their equity plans according to their needs and requirements, all with the goal of offering a great participant experience.

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More great GEO webcasts are currently in development. Information will be available soon.


Recent Webcasts

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Cultivating Personal Resilience in 2022 (11 January 2022)

Stock Market Basics to Optimize Your Employee Stock Plans (07 December 2021) *no recording or handout available

Modern Day IPOs: SPACs, Direct Listings, Traditional and More and Their Effect on Employee Equity Awards (18 November 2021)

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Practical Tips for Avoiding Tax Pitfalls (04 May 2021)

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2021 and the Time for Change: The Latest Private and Public Sector Trends in Pay and Workplace Equity (26 January 2021)

Inside the Beltway: Tax Policy, Politics, and Compensation (15 December 2020)

The Continued Importance of a Mobile Strategy (02 December 2020)

Mobility 2.0 - Mobile Employee Taxation Advanced Topics (21 July 2020)

A Tale of Two Extremes: The Impact of Volatility and COVID-19 on Both Ends of the Spectrum (14 July 2020)

As the World Turns, Updates from Around the Globe! (23 June 2020)

Value and Volatility: How to Deliver Value to Broad-Based Populations in a Volatile Market (16 June 2020)

Financial Wellness – One Size Doesn’t Fit All (26 May 2020)

Equity Compensation Challenges and Solutions in the Face of Market Uncertainty (19 May 2020)

COVID-19: Impact on Mobility and Taxes (28 April 2020)

What's Top on Your Mind in These Changing Times? (02 April 2020)

ESPP Vision: 20/20 in 2020 (10 March 2020)

Global Equity Taxes and Practices: Are You Ready for 2020? (21 January 2020)

52-Week High, Oh My! Solving Expensive Stock Price Problems (05 November 2019)

Practical Considerations for Global Share Plan Compliance (08 October 2019)

One Size May NOT Fit All: Finding a Grant-Sizing Strategy That Fits Just Right (24 September 2019)

Mobility Trends: What Employees Are Doing, What Companies Are Doing, and What You Should Be Doing (10 September 2019)

Global Equity Insights Survey 2019 (16 July 2019)

Keys to Increasing Employee Equity Participation and Ownership (10 July 2019)

Global Equity Update (18 June 2019)

All Change in 2019! Sweeping Equity Tax Changes in Belgium and France (19 March 2019)

In the Spotlight: What Do Participants Really Think About Equity Compensation? (29 January 2019)

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Global Equity Update (11 October 2018)

Global Equity Update (17 July 2018)

The Path to Global ESPP Payroll Management Efficiencies (10 May 2018)

Global Equity Update (10 April 2018)

Classified! Data Privacy in a Connected World (08 March 2018)

Euros, Yens & Pesos: Managing Foreign Exchange Ratios, Controls, and Employee Issues (22 February 2018)

Impact of U.S. Tax Reform on Compensation and Benefit Programs (06 February 2018)

Global Equity Update (17 January 2018)

Global Equity Update (18 October 2017)

Global Corporate Governance Pay Ratio and Gender Pay Gap Disclosure Requirements (26 September 2017)

Global Equity Update (18 July 2017)

Regulation Rally: T+2 and You, EU Prospectus Regulations & Negotiating with Regulators (29 June 2017)

2017 Global Equity Insights Survey - Results (14 June 2017)

The White Glove Treatment: Making Stock Plan Benefits Accessible to Global Participants (07 June 2017)

Global Equity Update (11 May 2017) 

Techniques and Trends to Make the Most of Your Share Plan Communications (04 April 2017)

A Global Perspective on Contingent Workers (14 March 2017)

Critical Review of Relative TSR as a Performance Metric (23 February 2017) 

Global Equity Update (02 February 2017) 

The Next Generation of Long-Term Incentive Design Plans (12 January 2017)

Granting Equity Compensation in Distressed Industries (08 November 2016)

Global Equity Update (20 October 2016)

Global Compliance Under the Microscope (14 September 2016)

Global Equity Update (14 July 2016)

Remuneration Regulation - Hot Topics (30 June 2016)

The Latest Trends in Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance in the US (15 June 2016)

Academic Research in Executive Compensation: 2016 Update (26 May 2016)

Global Equity Update (05 May 2016)

Merge, Spin, Acquire, Invert: Corporate Transactions and What They Mean For Your Global Equity Participants (30 March 2016)

Global Equity Update (18 February 2016)

Globally Competent Communications - From Design to Translation (04 February 2016)

Global Share Plan Issues in the UK, EU & South America (20 January 2016)

U.S. Multistate Nonresident Withholding and Equity - Are You Ready? (12 January 2016)

Global Equity Update (03 November 2015)

Short-Term Travel, Long-Term Consequences: Focusing on Payroll Taxes for Business Travelers with Equity (30 September 2015)

Academic Research in Executive Compensation: 2015 Update (27 August 2015)

Global Equity Update (08 July 2015)

Trends in Director Compensation and Related Governance Study (10 June 2015) 

Multi-jurisdictional and Trailing Tax Liabilities: The Inevitable Challenge for Global Incentive Compensation Programs (06 May 2015)

Global Equity Update (28 April 2015)


Past Webcasts


IFRS Strategic Update II – What you did not know about IFRS and IFRS-2 (It's a lot more to it than just the expense report)

IFRS Strategic Update

Employer Stock Compensation: Insights into current practices and trends - from SEC Comment Letters to pay practices of leading private equity firms (6 February 2014) 


Corporate and Securities Law:

Unravelling the US. Navigating the Federal and State Systems in the US (10 March 2015)

Translating Europe: Directives, Resolutions, Regulations & What They All Mean for Your Stock Plan (06 November 2014)

To Disclose or Not Disclose: Realized and Realizable Pay (11 June 2014)

Global Equity Update (9 April 2014)

Recent Developments in Stock Compensation Litigation (27 February 2014)

Current Issues Around Operating Incentive Plans in Australia (11 July 2013)

Turning Up the Heat on Data Privacy Rules and Penalties (27 June 2013)

Rule 10b5-1 Plans in the Hot Seat: What Public Companies Should be Doing Now (13 March 2013)

Shareholder Activism Around the Globe and the Direct Impact to Executive Remuneration (27 Feb 2013)

No Time for Hesitation - Getting a Jump on Global Equity Plan Compliance in 2013

Governance and Legislative Update: What We’ve Learned This Proxy Season and the Impact of Dodd-Frank on Executive Compensation

DODD-FRANK: What Does It Mean For Global Equity Compensation?

Understanding the Impact of 2009 Equity Decisions in the Context of a Recovering Economy

Global Equity and Shareholder Requirements in Today’s Economy


Plan Design, Analysis and Administration:

The Impact of Share Plans on Employee Engagement (26 February 2015)

2014 Deloitte Global Share Plan Survey - Sharing Success (29 January 2015)

Key Trends in Executive Compensation: What You Need to Know for the 2015 Proxy Season in the US (29 October 2014)

EY Stock Based Incentive Survey 2014: the results (17 July 2014)

Working Successfully With Your Board of Directors (12 March 2014)

Cashing It In. Are cash awards the solution to your company's equity award woes? (15 January 2014)

Incentives are Good, Clawbacks Make them Better (21 November 2013)

Global Long-Term Incentives: Trends and Predictions (17 October 2013)

The Survey Says...? Highlights from GEO's 2013 Global Equity Insights Survey (17 September 2013)

Everything You Need to Know (in 75 Minutes) About Offering Equity in Israel (10 September 2013)

Outsource, Cosource or Insource - The Primer (22 August 2013)

The Proceeds Odyssey - Challenges of Repatriation of Participant Proceeds (21 May 2013)

The Agony and Ecstasy of Share-based Awards for International Assignees: A Discussion of Policies and Procedures (24 April 2013)

Rethinking Your French Equity Compensation Plans (27 March 2013)

Behavioral Economics and Equity Compensation, Part II

Behavioral Economics and Equity Compensation, Part I

2010/2011 Global Equity Incentives Survey

Going Global with GPS: Where in the World is Equity Compensation?

Maintaining Your Global Plan: Strategies for Managing Ongoing Compliance and Periodic Regulatory Filings

The Current State of Global Share Plan Administration 2010

The Past and Future of Performance Plans – on Both Sides of the Pond

Optimizing Global Stock Plans - with Limited Resources

Taking Stock: Employer Views on Equity Compensation Plans



Global Equity Update (13 January 2015)

Global Equity Update (15 October 2014)

Global Equity Update (1 July 2014)

Major Changes to UK Tax-approved Stock Plans - Are You Ready? (24 April 2014)

New Beginnings for Share Scheme Programs in the UK (2 May 2013)

Taxmageddon- The Impact of the Fiscal Cliff Agreement on Stock Compensation (31 Jan 2013)

A Guide to Fiscal Cliff Jumping with a Softer Landing 

Mobile Employees, Part II

Mobile Employees Part I – Introduction to Definitions, Issues and Practical Applications

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