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Boost your marketing budget with our targeted digital opportunities

Drive brand awareness and lead generation online and by email

Why be restricted by geography? GEO’s digital marketing and sponsorship opportunities are cost effective and reach the individuals you want to talk to, wherever they are in the world.

Create visibility among GEO’s engaged members and contacts to grow your business quickly and cost-effectively online and via email.


Ad retargeting guarantees sustained, specific exposure to the exact qualified audience you’re trying to reach with detailed reports to track the ROI of your adverts.

Advertise directly to GEO website visitors and members accessing GEO’s services. Retarget these visitors with your brand’s advert anywhere they visit online.

Tap into GEO’s exclusive global network rather than relying on broad, generic targeting on common ad platforms.


50,000 impressions – $5,000

100,000 impressions – $8,000

200,000 impressions – $12,00


GEO’s website is the online meeting place for the global share plan community - a hub of activity, members visit regularly to access GEO’s services and to update on the latest industry news.


  • Position 1 - $2,500
  • Position 2 - $1,500
  • Position 3 - $1,000

GEOconnect HOME PAGE – one month

  • Position 1 - $1,500
  • Position 2 - $950
  • Position 3 - $650


Include your branding in our regular e-newsletter: GEOinsights.

Sent to GEO’s database of members and qualified prospects, the newsletter enjoys a 30-40% open rate.

Banner advert in 5 GEO newsletter emails - $950

Banner advert in 10 GEO newsletter emails - $1,500

Outreach email to GEO member list distributed by GEO - $4,950

Position 1, Top banner ad for one month - $4,500

Position 2, Mid-page banner ad for one month - $2,500

Position 3, Lower-page block square ad for one month - $1,500

Digital Advert Sizes

For ad retargeting, please provide display adverts in all three sizes for the best results.

Please contact us for online advertising position opportunities.

jpg, png or static gif formats only (no flash ads).

GEO digital advert sizes

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All sponsorship opportunities are first come, first served from the date payment is received. Don’t delay, contact our team to align your brand with the leading global non-profit and secure the best opportunities for your business.