Please ensure that you meet the deadlines mentioned, as failure to do so may lead to the forfeiture of your speaking slot and/or complimentary conference registration. In addition, it may also result in the inability to utilize presentation materials and/or the cancellation of the entire presentation. 


Event date:  VIRTUAL - 3, 5, 10, 12, 19 OCTOBER 2023
                    IN-PERSON - San Mateo, CA, 25 OCTOBER 2023


Event date: 25 OCTOBER 2023

Speaker proposal deadline: 1 SEPTEMBER 2023

Registration and speaker headshot/bio deadline: 22 SEPTEMBER 2023

Session materials deadline:  15 OCTOBER 2023

13TH ANNUAL NORCAL FORUM - San Mateo, California

Event date: 26 OCTOBER 2023

Speaker proposal deadline: 1 SEPTEMBER 2023

Registration and speaker headshot/bio deadline: 22 SEPTEMBER 2023

Session materials deadline: 15 OCTOBER 2023


Event date: 16 NOVEMBER 2023

Speaker proposal deadline: 1 SEPTEMBER 2023

Registration and speaker headshot/bio deadline: 6 OCTOBER 2023

Session materials deadline: 30 OCTOBER 2023

GEO'S 25TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE - Nashville, Tennessee

Event date: 9-11 APRIL 2024

Speaker proposal deadline: 13 OCTOBER 2023

Registration deadline: 31 JANUARY 2024

Session materials deadline: 4 MARCH 2024


  • All sessions are 50 minutes in length. If your session does not meet the 50-minute criteria, you will be notified via email.
  • All presentations must be educational in nature, unbiased and avoiding direct or indirect promotion of any product or service. GEO reserves the right to modify session titles and descriptions to fit our tone of voice and format guidelines for the purposes of our marketing materials.
  • All final presentation materials must be submitted on GEO’s approved event-specific PowerPoint slide deck.
  • If you require an update to your submitted presentation, please notify us as early as possible.
  • For GEO member corporate issuers, academic and government speakers, conference registration is complimentary. Non-members may be required to pay a fee.
  • For Service Provider speakers, membership and attendance fees are applicable and must be paid in full. As a non-profit organization, GEO relies on its members for support - speaking at GEO Conferences provides a unique opportunity for you and your firm to receive exposure to a highly specialized and select global audience.


By agreeing to speak at GEO's in-person or virtual events you are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions:

  • I understand that all service provider speakers at GEO events must be fully paid members of the Global Equity Organization.
  • I understand that acceptance is contingent on confirmed participation by all proposed speakers AND the uniqueness of the content, as determined by GEO.
  • I will adhere to all deadline schedules regarding membership, registration, the submission of my final slides on GEO’s approved conference PowerPoint slide deck and audio/visual requests.
  • I will register for the conference by the required deadline and submit my presentation on GEO's PowerPoint template to GEO no later than the submission deadline. I understand that if I miss any of these deadlines, GEO reserves the right to remove my session from the agenda or replace me as a speaker.
  • I agree to be available to speak on each and any day of the conference and during all planned breakout session times.
  • I agree to notify GEO immediately if an emergency should prevent me from meeting my obligation as a speaker.
  • During my presentation, I will not engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service, including oversized or excessive use of logos, and I will not disparage GEO in any way.
  • I agree that GEO may use my company logo, biography and headshot photo on the GEO website, on social media and for general marketing purposes. I agree to support GEO in marketing the event by posting about the event on my personal profile, engaging with GEO's social media posts, and allowing GEO to tag me in its social posts.
  • I certify that the content of my presentation is original to me and does not infringe on any copyrights or other rights owned by others. If my presentation materials are copyrighted, I have received the necessary reprint permissions and will provide documentation upon request.
  • I agree that all materials that I make part of my presentation can be used by GEO as follows: I understand that GEO may post my materials on the GEO website and/or distribute them in other ways. I understand that GEO may make audio and/or visual recordings of my presentation, edit or create derivative recordings, and make electronically or digitally available, and/or distribute copies of, such recordings as may be edited and made available to the public for free, for a fee, or as part of GEO membership services. Furthermore, I agree that this is a "license" (permission to use) of the presentation to GEO - not an "assignment" (transfer of ownership). I will retain all ownership of the work, and my future use of the work will not be constrained in any manner.
  • I also grant GEO permission to use my likeness in photographs or video in publications and online, including but not limited to GEO’s printed and digital publications and social media platforms in accordance with the event and the GEO mission. I understand and agree that any such material using my likeness will become the property of GEO and will not be returned.
  • If I should change my employer or my employment status following acceptance of this proposal, I understand that GEO, at its sole discretion will determine whether to request a different presenter for the session, to release the session and relevant material to me for my presentation, or to cancel the session.


Please use this form to submit a proposal to speak at a GEO event or to provide your approved presentation information and materials to GEO.

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