The GEO Chapter Awards recognize outstanding local chapters that foster community and promote knowledge sharing among industry colleagues.

Run by senior industry figures with demanding workloads, chapter meetings provide approachable and supportive learning environments that cultivate a sense of belonging and connection with GEO at the core. With local content tailored to attendees' needs, these events enhance member value and strengthen the industry while promoting broader share ownership.

GEO applauds the winners of this award for their exceptional contributions to building a strong and engaged community of share plan professionals



    United Kingdom
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    The UK and Channel Islands Chapter is commended for its unwavering dedication and innovative approaches to cultivating and sustaining an engaged regional community.

    The chapter has consistently demonstrated resilience and adaptability in its efforts to connect and support equity professionals throughout the region. Through a combination of virtual events, networking opportunities, and thought leadership initiatives, the UK and Channel Islands Chapter has successfully fostered a sense of belonging and collaboration among its members.

    Their commitment to innovation and community building sets a shining example for chapters worldwide, making them worthy of commendation for their outstanding contributions to the GEO community.


    United States
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    The NorCal Chapter has been recognized with the Chapter of the Year Award for its outstanding achievements in maintaining a high level of engagement and hosting successful regional events.

    Through their dedication and strategic approach, the chapter has not only sustained but also elevated its level of engagement, setting a benchmark for excellence in the face of a general decline in in-person event attendance.

    The NorCal Chapter's unwavering commitment to its members and innovative event programming make it a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious award.


    United States
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    The New York Chapter has been honored with the Chapter of the Year Award for its groundbreaking approach to community engagement during challenging times. By introducing an innovative multi-city simulcast format, the chapter has successfully connected equity professionals across the East Coast, overcoming the persistent barriers to in-person event attendance brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This pioneering initiative not only demonstrates the chapter's adaptability and resilience but also underscores its commitment to fostering meaningful connections and knowledge sharing within the equity community.

    The New York Chapter's dedication to innovation and inclusivity has set a new standard for chapter excellence, making it a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.




    Four chapters of GEO have been awarded the Best Chapter Community Engagement award for their exceptional efforts in creating a supportive and engaging community for their members.

    NorCal, for example, has organized a wide range of events, including virtual happy hours, networking opportunities, and educational seminars. These events have allowed its members to connect with each other and learn about the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

    The UK & Channel Islands chapter has also been highly active in creating a sense of community among its members. Its events have focused on both education and networking, and its leadership team has been highly engaged in responding to members' needs and concerns.

    Similarly, the Greater China chapter has created a highly engaged and supportive community for its members. Its events have been highly diverse, ranging from virtual roundtables to in-person training sessions. Its leadership team has been highly proactive in promoting the chapter's events and engaging with members.

    Lastly, the Israel chapter has been highly successful in creating a sense of community among its members despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. Its events have focused on both education and networking, and its leadership team has been highly responsive to members' needs.

    Overall, these chapters have demonstrated exceptional community engagement efforts. They have created a sense of community among their members and provided them with valuable opportunities to learn from each other and stay connected with the latest industry trends. GEO's recognition of these chapters is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their leadership teams, and a reminder of the power of community in driving innovation and achieving success in the share plan and compensation industry.

  • UK and Channel Islands

    United Kingdom
    UK and Channel Islands

    Despite various challenges presented by the global pandemic, the UK and Channel Islands Chapter went above and beyond to remain connected with its members and community of supporters.

    Building on its successful transformation, the Chapter continued to meet, plan and attend events, albeit online rather than in person. The Chapter also established a regular social media presence, attracting more members and supporters to its own local GEO community and to GEO globally.

    For its dedication to the continuation of local networking and fundraising, GEO is pleased to award the UK and Channel Islands with a Chapter Award.

  • UK and Channel Islands

    United Kingdom
    UK and Channel Islands

    In 2020 the UK and Channel Islands Chapter went through a radical transformation and redefined its structure and strategic approach.

    An entirely new leadership team was onboarded. Applications to join the team were solicited to ensure a broad and balanced skillset and roles carefully allocated to successful candidates.

    The Chapter's events program was also reinvented. More events were hosted than ever before and a variety of social events punctuated the regular educational meetings, diverse enough in content to appeal to the X, Y and Z generations. Chapter activity was extended throughout the entire geography, with sub-committees established to support local market events. The Chapter also embarked upon sponsorship fundraising, not just in support of its local GEO community, but for GEO globally.

    The Chapter is more than deserving of formal recognition for its creativity, dedication and for having the foresight and courage to start with a blank sheet of paper. Well done UK and Channel Islands!

  • Israel


    Established in 2020, the Israel Chapter has quickly demonstrated a strong appetite for sharing and advancing knowledge within its local stock plan community.

    All credit to the leadership team - not only has the Chapter hosted impressive events but they have been very well attended. Delegate numbers are consistently high and have included a high number of representatives from issuing companies.

    After this flying start, we are excited to see what the future has in store for this Chapter and look forward to welcoming Israel's event attendees as new GEO members.


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