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Amanda Benincasa Arena
Partner and Head of Global Corporate Governance
2022 New Member
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Amanda Benincasa is a Partner and the Head of Global Corporate Governance with Aon Equity Services, the equity valuation and accounting group for Aon that assists with all things related to equity compensation. With over a decade of experience in the equity field, her background consists of technical accounting for equity compensation and consulting on every part of the life cycle for an equity award. Her specialty has become complex transactions including spin-offs, IPOs, SPACs, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, design of tax-efficient equity awards from a corporate and employee standpoint, and SEC reporting for all of the above inclusive of Forms 3/4/5, 10-Q/K, and proxy statements. She is a frequent industry speaker and thought leader. Amanda is currently attending Harvard University pursuing a Master’s Degree, and already holds a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. She is pursuing the CPA designation and is based in Philadelphia.