GEO Partner Alliance Council Charter


The purpose of the Partner Alliance Council (the Council) is to:

  • Serve as an advisory body to GEO regarding service provider needs, marketplace developments, etc.
  • Serve as a conduit for fresh ideas and a forum for meaningful discussion that will result in recommendations for improved operations for GEO and ultimately business growth.
  • Provide a forum for GEO to build and strengthen relationships with our service provider partners.
  • Serve as a resource for thought leadership and blog issuances.
  • Develop prospective board members.
  • Provide a way for participation with GEO without the higher commitment level of a GEO board position.


Role of the Council

The Council will consist of geographically diverse, service provider stakeholders and will provide broad vision and feedback to GEO’s Board of Directors and staff. The Council will be a key link for GEO to stakeholder needs and priorities for GEO programs. Moreover, the Council will be an important channel for GEO outreach. Council members will provide marketing and awareness about GEO to their own constituencies and clientele. Finally, the Council will offer its members the opportunity to communicate with and learn from each other.


Time Committment

The Council will meet 3-4 times per calendar year via a combination of in-person meetings (typically scheduled in conjunction with GEO conferences) and via conference calls, facilitated by GEO staff and council co-chairs. Separate conference calls will be held for GEO’s US and non-US Council members. Each Council member is expected to attend a minimum of 75% of the Council’s meetings. Members are strongly encouraged to attend one in-person meeting each year.


Responsibilities of Council Members

Council members serve as a communications link between the stakeholders he or she represents and GEO. Council members are expected to represent their own stakeholder group to advise GEO on matters presented for discussion on topics such as:

  • Overall strategic direction of the organization
  • New and existing member service offerings and fee structure
  • Pricing for sponsorship/exhibition opportunities
  • Material for thought leadership and blog issuances
  • Guidance and opinions on conference locations
  • Review of conference events
  • Types of best-in-class resources for service provider members
  • Opportunities for relationship building
  • Periodic review and report on effectiveness of the Council

Perhaps the simplest part of this expectation entails attending and actively participating in the Council meetings.


Council Membership

The Council will have approximately 30 members. Geographic representation of the Council will generally approximate the GEO membership mix. Council membership will be highly encouraged to firms with a presence in GEO’s areas of strategic geographic focus, e.g., Asia, South Africa, etc. Multi-location providers are welcome to have a representative on each sub-group (US and non-US). Council members will be required to maintain an active GEO membership throughout their term on the Council. Multi-location providers are entitled to representation on multiple sub-committees.

While invitations for membership may be made on a personal basis where determined appropriate, Council membership will be open to any individual who volunteers.

GEO reserves the right to withdraw a firm’s representation on the Council. 

Each Council member will serve a one (1)-year term from July 1 through June 30. GEO’s Global Plus members are guaranteed representation on the Council; however, GEO Global Plus Council members will be encouraged to rotate individual representation every (2) two years. Each (non Global Plus) member will serve a one (1) calendar-year term. Members are required to maintain an active GEO membership throughout their term on the Council.



Council co-chairs will be elected by the GEO Board.

Member Benefits

In recognition of the significance of this role, the following benefits are available to each Council member:

  • Advance notice of sponsorship opportunities
  • Influence in the overall direction of the organization
  • Regular opportunity to express thoughts and concerns and provide input to GEO operations
  • A medium for networking with industry peers around the world
  • Developing ground for prospective board members
  • Involvement with GEO without the higher commitment level of a board position
  • Visibility/recognition in GEO marketing materials and on its website as an Council member
  • Preference for participation in other GEO activities/committees


Success Measures/Desired Outcomes of Council

  • Effective and useful input, which helps in decision-making, prioritizing, planning and advancement of GEO's mission.
  • Well-attended meetings with strong member participation.
  • Diverse geographic representation.
  • Enhanced relationships with GEO and service provider partners.
  • Positive response from GEO and Council members as to effort versus rewards.