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Lindsay Minnis
Baker & McKenzie LLP
2023 Returning Member
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Lindsay Minnis is a partner at Baker McKenzie in New York. Lindsay heads the New York Office's Global Equity Services practice, which assists multinational companies of all sizes with the design, implementation and administration of their equity compensation plans. Lindsay focuses her practice on international compensation and benefit programs for global companies. She advises companies on program design, implementation and compliance matters, including tax considerations, securities filing and disclosure requirements, exchange control rules, labor law exposure, data privacy concerns and other legal issues involved with offering incentive programs in different jurisdictions. She also counsels clients on the effects of mergers, reorganizations, spin-offs or other complex corporate transactions in relation to their benefit and incentive arrangements. Lindsay is a frequent speaker and commentator on global equity topics, in venues including the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the Global Equity Organization, and the New York Compensation Association.