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20 September 2022
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SPEAKERSJanet Cooper OBE, FGE, Moderator (UK), Margie Molesso, Walmart (US), Eileen Lacamera, Pfizer (US), Louis Pretorius, Anglo-American Kumbe Iron Ore (SA), Kathy Son, Uber (US)

GEO award excellence

Rather than solely focusing on the customer experience, companies are turning their attention to the people who make everything happen: their employees. In an employee-centric organization, individuals are supported, encouraged, and their ideas are requested and heard.

In the context of employee share plans, considering employees’ needs above revenue measuresabove commercial outputs can increase participation and align employee and shareholder interests.In this moderated webcast, you'll discover:

  • How employee needs were prioritized when communicating the plans
  • What lessons were learned
  • Whether the employee-centric share plans had any wider benefits for the company
19 April 2023
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GEO award excellence

Great company culture sets the foundations for real, tangible business growth. It makes an organization unique and can impact important business drivers from productivity and morale to reputation, employee engagement and retention.

But can you design a workplace culture or is it something that develops organically over time? Leaders grapple with this question as they try to define their company’s personality and express its core values, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs.

Read on to discover different ways in which GEO Award-winning companies have used equity compensation as a tool to shape, or reinforce, the important intangibles of a strong organizational culture that elevates companies.

“Every company has a culture, either by default or by design, but our award winners have demonstrated how equity compensation can be used to nurture the ‘right’ corporate culture – to support business objectives, drive employee retention, attract new talent and play a role in marketing the company to customers and to society at large.”

1. A culture of trust

Trust is an essential component of any successful organization - and how better to build trust than to give employees permission to make and act upon strategic decisions?

To foster engagement and action, Danone gifts the power to co-own the company’s agenda through the grant of one free share to each of its employees. Rather than focusing on reward, its ‘One person, one share’ program gives each employee a vote at each annual shareholders’ meeting, encouraging a sense of equal ownership regardless of location or seniority.

Conversely, when Aviva used employee feedback to shape its share plan design, structure and communications, the message to its employees was clear – we respect your input, and you can trust us to design a plan that meets your needs.

2. A purposeful culture

Purpose is characterized by idealism and altruism and can unite people and teams by focusing on shared ideals or contributing to a greater cause.

Generali aligned their employees’ personal purpose with work by establishing a charitable vehicle to help the world’s disadvantaged. Funded by participation in its share plan with corporate donations linked to participation, as well as voluntary donations from employees, the plan placed purpose at the center of the enterprise.

Similarly, Shell, an organization with a razor sharp focus on achieving carbon net zero throughout its entire supply chain, unleashed higher performance and engagement when it included environmental performance criteria in its executive share plans.

3. A culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion

With a global spotlight on improving and embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into everyday work life, the idea of ‘equitable equity’ versus reserving share ownership for rewarding high-skilled or senior employees is trending.

Saudi Aramco’s ambition to use equity to make their employees feel valued, regardless of background or position, was their equity plan’s key driver and the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Equity compensation can also be used to build an equality-driven culture from the top down. One example is IHS Markit’s plan which introduced performance indicators including leadership support and mentoring, team engagement, inclusion and diversity and volunteering to retain key staff during a merger.

4. A cohesive culture

It is common to experience multiple embedded cultures within an organization, especially during times of change.

When two of Indonesia’s largest non-listed entities merged, GoTo Group looked to its share incentive plans to unify the employees from both organizations and to gain cultural alignment pre-IPO. Its all-employee share option award was named ‘Pancasila’ after the official, foundational philosophical theory of Indonesia rooted in inclusivity and unity.

It can also be difficult to uphold a cohesive culture that includes remote employees. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Atlassian launched ‘Team Anywhere’, an initiative which enabled its employees to work permanently from (almost) anywhere and port their share plan to their new home country. Reinforcing its relaxed culture, participants received plan communications via informal blog posts and emails on their internal wiki space, ‘hello’.

5. A rewarding culture

Commission-based industries, such as real estate or insurance, are challenged with avoiding toxic sales cultures. eXp World Holdings broke the mould by offering equity rather than cash-based incentives to its real estate employees. Participants can exchange commission for shares at a discounted price and earn more equity for notable achievements such as closing their first transaction each year, meeting certain metrics, committing to corporate culture requirements, and attending events.

Their ground-breaking approach positioned the company as the fastest growing real estate company in the world by headcount.

10 April 2023
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GEO award excellence

The ‘millennial mindset’ is now a phrase familiar to HR professionals. It means a way of thinking that builds social consciousness into all aspects of life.

As younger generations of employees pay attention to where businesses spend their money and how they contribute to society, establishing a corporate culture of social awareness and offering philanthropic benefits can attract and retain top talent, instil a sense of purpose and improve employee engagement.

In 2020, Generali designed a unique all-employee share plan that empowers its people to drive social change.

Simple to understand and pioneering in structure, We SHARE - The Generali Ownership Plan encourages their 70,000 global employees to help care for those most vulnerable in society.

Let’s take a look at Generali’s socially aware approach to share ownership.

“If your company is looking to recruit and retain the best talent it may be time to look past traditional perks such as gym memberships and swanky offices and use your share plan to offer a rewarding, engaging and meaningful employee experience.”

1. Put people at the heart of your corporate strategy

At Generali, entrepreneurship and growth are encouraged, and their teams are empowered to make a difference to people’s lives through the work that they do.

These employee-centric and altruistic principles became a key focus when Generali launched its strategic plan in 2020.

The company strived to ensure alignment of employee performance with their new strategic goals by prioritizing their employees’ needs.


2. Create a common purpose

Generali wanted its We SHARE plan to be capable of reaching out and bringing together people with a common purpose from across the globe for the common good.

To provide a structure and focus for their corporate giving, Generali established ‘The Human Safety Net Foundation’, a charity that aims to help shape a safer future and make a concrete and lasting impact on lives.


3. Incentivize plan participation

A donation of the equivalent monetary value of one share for each employee who actively participated in the company’s share purchase plan was paid by Generali to its ‘The Human Safety Net’ charitable foundation. Employees were also encouraged to make additional voluntary donations to feel personally invested.

Other engagement incentives included free shares, potential share price gains, and membership of ‘The Owners’ Club’, an app offering on-demand financial education and support.


4. Develop a multi-channel communications system

Generali’s well-orchestrated communications campaign was lauded by our judges as one of the most integrated and comprehensive programs they had encountered. The plan had visible top-down support, strong program branding, and its comprehensive communications materials were visible, clear, country-specific, and accessible.


5. Prioritize more comprehensive financial education

Generali provided participants with digital tools to make informed financial decisions via their Owners Club app. This award-winning financial education program provides direct, virtual, on-demand, and borderless access for plan participants all year round.

Financial concepts are made easily understood and its content leverages expert opinion from qualified internal and external sources with themes that dovetail into the benefits of equity and link to the corporate charity.


The result? A successful share plan that fuels positive change

Not only is the We SHARE plan an innovative share ownership program that fits snugly with the company’s ethos, but it also enjoyed a plan participation rate of 35.7% during its three-week enrolment window and won the following GEO Awards:

  • 2020 Best Plan Communication
  • 2021 Best Use of a Share Plan in Support of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 2021 Best in Financial Education

Today, the Human Safety Net charity is funded by donations from the We SHARE plan, General’s employees, its Vitality membership base, members of the public, and social investors. It works to transform the lives of over 150,000 vulnerable parents, children, and refugees across 23 countries, most recently raising funds to support impacted families with children from Ukraine. Visit the Safety Net website to find out more.

15 February 2024, 11pm - 16 February 2024, 12am EST

Chrissie Davis, Eximia
Martha Parkhurst, Eximia
Matt Mitchell, Anglo American

GEO award excellence

GEO AWARD WINNER - 2023 Best Plan Communications (over 75,000 employees)

Join us for an engaging session where we delve into the success story of Anglo American plc, a global mining giant with a diverse workforce spanning 19 countries. With a focus on their MyShare global share plan, we will explore how they achieved an outstanding 36% take-up rate in the first year, surpassing their 10% goal. The session will also shed light on the challenges they faced, their innovative communication strategy, and the valuable lessons learned.


  • Discover effective strategies for communicating a global share plan to employees working in diverse and remote locations
  • Gain insights into the role of local Reward Champions, People Managers, and online/offline communication methods in fostering plan participation
  • Learn from Anglo American's experience on how to build and evolve a successful global share plan in a challenging economic environment


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7 May 2024, 12 - 1pm EDT

Boston Scientifc

GEO award excellence

Join GEO for upcoming webcast, proudly sponsored by Insightsoftware featuring 2024 GEO Award finalists in the Best Use of Technology category, DOMO, Amazon, DHL, and Boston Scientific, as they unravel their remarkable journeys and share key insights.


  • Discover cutting-edge and innovative strategies employed by GEO Award winners to leverage technology in optimizing their global share plans
  • Gain insights into the technological advancements embraced by the winning companies, understanding how these innovations contributed to the success of their share plan initiatives
  • Learn from the firsthand experiences of award-winning companies as they discuss the successful implementation of technology-driven solutions, providing practical takeaways for enhancing your own global share plans


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Field of study: Specialized Knowledge
Level: 0
Delivery method: Group internet-based
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15 May 2024
EXCELLENCE IN GLOBAL SHARE PLANS Innovations in Share Plan Management: Leveraging Technology for Success

Gabbi Stopp, Executive Director, GEO
Kody Adams, Domo
Adam Favreau, Boston Scientific
Jenna Knowles, Amazon
Bernd Schmelzer, DHL 

GEO award excellence

In a recent webcast sponsored by InsightSoftware, the recipients of the 2024 Best in Technology GEO Award gathered to explore the crucial role of technology in reshaping share plan management. Representatives from industry leaders Domo, DHL, Amazon, and Boston Scientific shared their perspectives and introduced groundbreaking technological solutions that have transformed share plan administration both internally and externally. 

Addressing unsustainable practices 

Kody Adams from Domo shed light on the necessity for change, identifying existing practices within their share plan management as unsustainable due to their inefficiency and complexity. Manual processes for equity concept simplification and administrative tasks were proving burdensome and error-prone. Recognizing the urgency for innovation, Domo embarked on implementing an approach aimed at simplifying equity concepts for employees and automating repetitive processes. This initiative aimed to streamline operations, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a smoother experience for both employees and administrators. 

Navigating executive support 

Kody emphasized the critical importance of securing executive backing for transformative initiatives. While facing initial scepticism from some leaders, particularly regarding data privacy and security concerns, Kody's direct executive championed the initiative. Gaining consensus required extensive discussions and concessions to address concerns, highlighting the importance of aligning visions across leadership tiers. The journey to securing executive support underscored the significance of transparent communication, meticulous planning, and a clear demonstration of the anticipated benefits of the proposed technological advancements. 

Leveraging existing resources 

Despite budgetary constraints, Kody highlighted the significance of maximizing existing resources and fostering creativity in solution development. Domo strategically collaborated with its equity provider and leveraged internal expertise to tailor a solution to its specific needs. By capitalizing on existing tools and expertise, Domo effectively optimized its resources, minimizing additional financial burdens. This collaborative effort not only enabled Domo to overcome challenges but also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration within the organization, ultimately contributing to the successful implementation of its share plan solution. 

Streamlining processes through technology 

Adam Favreau shared insights into Boston Scientific’s technological journey, emphasizing the importance of harnessing technology to simplify complex processes. Recognizing the need to streamline share plan management processes for enhanced efficiency and accuracy, Boston Scientific established API integrations between SuccessFactors and Morgan Stanley. This automation reduced manual intervention and improved accuracy in share plan management. Favreau highlighted the necessity of building a compelling business case and securing leadership buy-in to drive technological advancements, further emphasizing the pivotal role of technology in optimizing share plan administration processes. 

Embracing AI for future success 

Jenna Knowles from Amazon discussed the future trajectory of share plan management, highlighting the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Jenna underscored the role of AI-powered modules in automating processes and delivering personalized support to employees, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing the overall employee experience. Amazon's innovative approach to leveraging AI reflects its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and continuously enhancing its share plan management practices to meet the evolving needs of its workforce. 

Collaboration and innovation 

Throughout the discussion, speakers emphasized the significance of collaboration between organizations and technology providers. Bernd Schmelzer from DHL commended their partners for their instrumental support in implementing innovative solutions. By closely collaborating with providers like BEQOM and Computershare, DHL successfully integrated new technologies, optimizing the efficiency of their share plan administration processes. Bernd’s insights highlighted the invaluable role of collaboration in driving innovation and fostering successful technological implementations within organizations. 

In conclusion, the webcast participants reflected on the evolving landscape of share plan management and expressed optimism about the transformative potential of technology, particularly AI.  

While challenges persist, embracing innovation, leveraging existing resources, and fostering collaboration are pivotal in driving efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction in share plan administration.  

The shared experiences and insights from the award-winning organizations serve as valuable lessons for organizations looking to optimize their share plan management practices and stay ahead in an increasingly digital and dynamic business environment. 


Read more about these winning plans here: BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY | Global Equity Organization 

24 October 2024, 12 - 1pm EDT

Tom Paleka, FGE, Gallagher
Jules Shepherd, FGE, The Sage Group
Eaton Williamson, Seagate Technology

GEO award excellence

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